Quality policy

To be one of the main players in satisfying the needs of the industrial automations market, with particular care for glass, textile and plastic working machines, electro spindles, HVACR and in the alternative energy market

Quality policy

TDE MACNO's policy quality can be described by the following points:

  • Great attention to the staff's requirements, in order to obtain high involvement and the best competency and autonomy from each person of the firm's organization.
  • Incentive to reward the quality work rather than the quantity one.
  • Promotion of the "Team" idea in developing the different processes' activities.
  • Higher attention to the communication between the business areas of the firm, in order to understand the role and importance of the colleagues.
  • Continuous care in implementing new products and reaching new markets in order to promote TDE MACNO's brand on international scale.
  • Constant diligence in innovating products and services and in improving our internal processes.
  • Belief in continuous improvement as the key instrument for increasing the internal processes' performance and the firm's competitiveness.
  • Increasing involvement of our suppliers considering them as partners for a continuous improvement of the processes.
  • Belief in focused attention of the costumer as the best instrument of competition and feedback of the market.


The short/medium run targets that are considered as the ones to reach and improve, regarding to the chosen quality policy are:

  • More concrete integration of the quality system with the business management one, in order to obtain a real management control.
  • Extend the use of proper indicators to the different areas, regarding to the logic described in point 1.
  • Pursue the optimization of the product's implementing process, working on different levels such as the logistic and organization ones.
  • Manage the continuous improvement by using proper projects focused on:
    - optimize/standardize the management of the documents and of the acquired information
    - analyze and obtain performance's indexes for the processes
    - extend the innovation also to the management techniques.
  • Keep great attention on suppliers and customers during their interaction with our internal processes.
  • Consider always possible integration's aspects at the Holding level, regarding to the implementation of improvement's plans.


Quality System certified since 1995


Research laboratory
Since 2002 TDE MACNO is registered as research laboratory with Aut. nr. 147 released on 02/07/02 published on italian Official Journal.

Safe Workplace Validation
In December 2009 we obtained UNI INAIL - "LAVORO SICURO" validation of occupational health & safety management system.