The term FFE (Fundamental Front End) refers to a bidirectional AC-DC converter in which DC Voltage is not controlled.
It works as a diode bridge but with the recovery of energy to the grid. FFE only works on the fundamental component (50-60Hz) with no PWM modulation.

Technical details

The advantage is the reduction of the losses (no switching losses) with an improvement of current available; furthermore, the fact of not having PWM modulation allows to have a smaller inductance line side and no LC filter required.

Differences between FFE and AFE

  • SIZE: the dimensions are similar to AFE but the size can be increased. It depends on the size: from a 18% (OPDE90) to a 41% size increase (OPDE110) with 120% overload.
  • CABINET COMPONENTS: the inductance is reduced and the LC filter is no longer needed. This is very important in terms of costs and space in the cabinet.

  • THD similar to diode bridge (AFE guarantees THD ≈ 4%)
  • No bus regulation


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