OPDE is the result of an advanced research project: we have integrated forty years of experience of technicians that design and develop specific solutions for industrial automation.

TDE MACNO converters offer a range of exclusive advantages: design and manufacture of high quality, maximum engine performance, ease of use, built-in intelligence, optimal power / size ratio.

Technical details

  • Connectivity: Modbus, CANopen, Profibus DP, EtherCAT and Profinet.
  • Ease of Use: We have enhanced the self-tuning to identify the present engine and compensate the reading of the sensors analog channels.
  • Advanced control techniques: sensorless control algorithms have been developed for brushless and asynchronous motors.
  • Advanced SW applications: electric axis, PID controller, positioner, interpolated positioner, servodiameter, two memory banks, indexing spindle, feedback with off-axis encoder, linear and rotary cutting, foul play function.

    • OPDE V - INVERTER: Field Oriented Control – Vector V/F.
    • OPDE B - BRUSHLESS: With feedback and function weakening area.
    • OPDE B - BRUSHLESS: Sensorless.
    • OPDE A - ACTIVE FRONT END: Sinusoidal regeneration unit.
    • OPDE S - SOLAR: For solar, wind turbines.
    • OPDE C - CHOPPER: For DC motors.
    • OPDE M - STARTER: For motors and generators start-up with line synchronization.
    • OPDE R - RELUCTANCE: For reluctance motors.


AUTOMATION: Plastic - Glass - Metals - Robotics - Cableway - Paper - Textile - HVACR